“Unitorq” is one of the most recognized brand in Power Transmission & Motion Control Devices in India having manufacturing plants at Udaipur(Rajasthan) & Latur (Maharastra). Our line of manufacturing includes Industrial Electromagnetic Brakes, Clutches, Clutch & Brake Combinations, Double Clutch Units, Brake Motors, Geared Brake Motors,Gear Couplings,Torque Limiters,Torque Limiter Couplings, Thruster Brakes,Chain Couplings,Pneumatic Brakes, & allied products thereof. These products set the solid foundation for the broad range of standard and custom products are available for our all valuable customers across India as well as abroad.
UNITORQ - Spring Loaded Fail Safe Brakes
UNITORQ - Normally off Clutches
UNITORQ - Clutche Brakes Combination
UNITORQ - Normally Off Brakes
UNITORQ - Bearing Mounted Clutches
UNITORQ - Brakes Motors