Electromagnetic Flange Mounted Clutch
Type - UFC (Normally Off)
Torque : 1 Nm - 2550 Nm
Flange Mounted Clutch (Normally off)
Textile Machines, Material handling equipments, Conveyors, Machine Tools, Glass making Machines, Marble Cutting Machines, Stone Polishing Machines, Photocopiers, Packaging Machines... etc.

1. Stator
2. Rotor
2. Coil
3. Friction Lining
4. Armature Plate
5. Leaf Spring
6. Flanged Hub

These type of brakes are normally-off type and operates on power. When power is given to the stator (coil), the armature is attracted towards the asbestos free friction liner of the brake stator which clamps the rotating component stop at once.

On switching off the electric power, the unique prestressed spring pulls the armature plate back into its original position and brake positively released with no residual torque.
Normally off type clutches operate on D.C. voltage, hence A.C. to D.C. conversion is done by means of a suitable rectifier.

Switching of the clutch can be on either side. However, once application demands, higher switching frequency / faster engagement and disengagement time, switching must be carried out on D.C. side. To restrict the high inductive voltage / back EMF a suitable supressor and capacitor network is provided across the contactor coil.